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I graduated in 2011 from Bodø University College with a major in Music and Teaching, with five string banjo as my main instrument. I am mostly self-taught, but have studied and/or had lessons with great and inspiring players such as Terje Kinn, Erlend Aasland, Ryan Cavanaugh, Tony Trischka, Ned Luberecki, Petr Brandejs, Alan O'Bryant and Jens Krüger. 
I spent September to December 2012 in Nashville, Tennessee playing with some great bluegrass musicians as well as taking lessons and meeting up with my heroes such as Béla Fleck and Tony Trischka.
My studies of the banjo have been focused on the traditional three finger techniques as pioneered in the Bluegrass genre by amongst other Earl Scruggs, Bill Keith, Don Reno, and in later times expanded by Tony Trischka, Béla Fleck, Noam Pikelny, Ryan Cavanaugh just to mention some.
These techniques have been the focal point of my studies, and I've tried to apply them to other genres and musical situations to expand my musical horizons even further than Bluegrass and country music could take me.
I'm currently enrolled in a Master's program at the department of Musicology at the University of Oslo where my thesis is about using the three finger picking banjo technique to play music normally not suitable for the banjo. 
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or points of view on this, a subject which interests me greatly.