About me

Photo: Eirill Delonge


I grew up in the town Bodø in Northern Norway. After a while I moved south and have now settled in central Oslo.

At 16, I discovered the banjo by chance and immediately fell in love with the sound of bluegrass music and the weird instrument with its distinctive sound. It didn't take long for me to figure out that I wanted to devote my life to the banjo. Since then, I have studied music teaching at Nord University, music theory at the Norwegian Academy of Music and musicology the University of Oslo respectively, all with the five string banjo as my main instrument.

I have toured with many different bands all over Norway, and many countries in Europe. I have also been able to go over to the US a couple of times to meet my banjo heroes, and educate myself about bluegrass music and banjo playing with lessons and at workshops.

The last years have given me many opportunities to perform as a singer, and I sing lead and/or high tenor in most of my musical projects.

When I'm at home in Oslo, I welcome students of all levels learning the banjo. Please contact me if you are interested in lessons!


My banjo is a Deering Tenbrooks Saratoga Star (with a Krüger tone ring), with a custom arm rest from Little Mountain Music. It has a set of four Keith tuners, and is strung with strings from American Made Banjo Company (gauges 10,12,14,22w,10).

For electric purposes I use an EMG ACB-5 pickup, usually through a Line6 HX Effects board.