Blue Tram

Blue Tram is a five-piece bluegrass band with hard-driving renditions of modern bluegrass standards. Inspired by Blue Highway, Lonesome River Band and the likes.



Nikolai Storevik (fiddle, vocals)Jakob Folke Ossum (guitar, vocals)Vegard Waclaw Doszko (mandolin, vocals)Mikael Jonassen (banjo, vocals)Ken Erik Klaseie (double bass, vocals)
Photo: Eirill Delonge

Deku Trio

Deku Trio features blazing banjo riffs with heavy effect usage, drum rhythms stolen right out of world of EDM and breakbeats, and a bass guitar that switches between sounding like a full metal band, Moog lead synths and dubstep wobble bass.



Mikael Jonassen (banjo)Mikal Reinvik (electric bass)Aksel Bakke (drums)

The Fretworkers

The Fretworkers delivers a full bluegrass package in a compact trio format, featuring some of the hardest-working musicians in the bluegrass business.


Mikael Jonassen (banjo, vocals)Vegard Waclaw Doszko (guitar, vocals)Yngve Jordalen (double bass, vocals)

Moving Day!

Moving Day! started as a bluegrass band of singers working at the Norwegian Opera House, and after a few lineup changes have played several festivals and club concerts, as well as event and function gigs.

Paul Kirby (guitar, vocals)Øystein Imsen (fiddle, vocals)Mikael Jonassen (banjo, vocals)Vegard Waclaw Doszko (guitar, vocals)Lars Tormod Jenset (bass)

Oslo Grass Ensemble

Oslo Grass Ensemble was an instrumental newgrass group with members from top bluegrass acts in Norway. Playing the most intricate tunes in the newgrass library and featuring the longest guitar solos in Norwegian bluegrass history.

Meade Richter (fiddle)Stian Jørgen Sveen (guitar)Mikael Jonassen (banjo)Simen Skyer (mandolin)Paul Oddvang (dobro)Yngve Jordalen (bass)